What is sugaring?

Also known as sugar waxing.

Say goodbye to shaving with an all-natural hair-removal method originating from ancient Egypt. The paste resembles a thick, gooey honey and is made simply from lemon juice, sugar and water. So clean you could eat it!

Smooth and silky skin

Unlike waxing, sugar paste is applied to the body in the opposite direction of your hair growth and removed in the same direction of your hair growth. This reduces the amount of hair breakage and follicle distortion. Sugaring does not stick to live skin cells like waxing either, only dead ones giving you a nice exfoliation in the process!

Sugaring hurts less than waxing

At Skindividual, the paste we use is less likely to stick to the skin and more likely to stick to the hair. This means means that when the paste is removed, it pulls the hair out from the root while causing less pain and damage to the skin.

Sugaring exfoliates the skin

When you get sugared dead skin cells are removed. This helps to keep the pores open and allows hair to grow back without getting trapped under the skin.

Try to exfoliate 48 hours before your next sugaring service to ensure all those stubborn hairs will be removed!

Then exfoliate 48 hours after your sugaring service and continue 2-3 times/week with a body scrub, dry brush or chemical exfoliant.

Always moisturize post-exfoliation and continue moisturizing daily with a cream or oil.

Skindividual carries Bushbalm™ body scrubs and oils and GM Collin™ body balm if you are in need of an exfoliant or moisturizer! If you are unsure which method is right for you, we're happy to help.

Avoid direct UV exposure

Sunburns aren't fun

Since freshly exfoliated skin is new to the world and prone to burns, you will want to stay in the shade for 24 hours after your appointment and always make sure to apply an SPF when you are exposed to the sun!

Avoid getting sweaty, hot tubs, pools or lakes post-service

No one likes bacteria

Try not to sweat for at least 12 hours after your sugaring service as you don't want your freshly opened follicles to harbor excess bacteria. Same goes with entering a hot tub, pool or body of water that can expose your skin to new bacteria.

Pull hair less often

Sugaring results in less hair growth over time than waxing. This means longer time in-between sessions!

Shorter hairs, as short a 1/8 inch, can be removed. Sugaring can target hairs at an earlier growth stage, resulting in less hair regrowth over time.

If you're in Ottawa or Kanata looking for a recurring hair removal solution, Skindividual recommends every four weeks (compared to every three weeks for waxing).

Hope to see you soon!