Professional mom, sugar wax, lash and brow expert

My passion for esthetics developed as a child being exposed to the beauty industry by my cosmetologist mother from day one. You could say it’s in my blood! I’ll never forget the first time I waxed my own eyebrows as a teenager - and soon after all my family and friend’s eyebrows. Or the real, productive and proud feeling of self-care after completing that first “big-girl” skincare routine.

Say hello to sugaring and goodbye to waxing with Malia, certified sugaring expert at Skindividual Spa

Real, raw beauty

After realizing how impactful these services were to myself, mentally and physically, I knew I was called to offer them to others. There’s no better feeling when we discover our real, raw beauty from the inside out and I want to help whoever I can to cultivate that!

I am a certified medical esthetician by Versailles Academy in Ottawa, ON. I love meeting new people and getting to know everyone’s story. My goal is to make every person feel like they are in a safe, empowering space when they are in my chair - enhancing their natural features and magnifying the beauty that has always been there.

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